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Challenges in creating the first Romanian INSPIRE compliant reference dataset, including view (WMS) and download services (WFS 2.0): the Romanian natural protected areas

Sorin RUSU, Daniel Urdă, Daniel Cocanu, Cezara Bărbucescu and Iurie Maxim

(Submission #151)


Creation of a national reference data set is a very complex task - a lot of experts with background in different sectors must work together in order to achieve the goal. The key is cooperation – a common understanding based on a coherent platform that allows them to interact and build upon each other’s work. For the creation of Romanian spatial data set regarding natural protected areas, more than 100 people were involved (around 80 biodiversity experts, 20 GIS specialists, 5 IT experts, managers etc.) interacting with more than 150 stakeholders (central, regional and local authorities, economic agents, research institutes, administrators etc.). A collaborative GIS platform represented the backbone of the dataset creation process, facilitating and centralizing all spatial data, issues and related documents. The resulting dataset is freely shared through view and download services through the national/European spatial data infrastructure. Related spatial datasets as corresponding to geographical names, administrative units or biogeographical regions are also shared through the INSPIRE network. This presentation shares the challenges overcome in realizing the dataset harmonization with corresponding data models and with data services and metadata creation and publication. To this end, different software platforms, proprietary as well as open source, were tested and used, each with benefits and challenges:

- PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server as spatial data containers;

- ArcGIS Desktop and Quantum GIS for data visualization and manipulation;

- Humboldt Alignment Editor and Snowflake Go Publisher Desktop for data transformation;

- ArcGIS Server and Geoserver for WMS view services;

- GeoServer, Snowflake GoPublisher WFS-edition and DeegreeWFS for WFS 2.0 download service;

- eENVplus service for dataset and service validation. The presentation focuses on the specific issues, successes, failures and conclusions from the data set creation process with the scope of sharing our lessons learnt. We strongly believe cooperation is the key for success.


Topic Area:  [2.6] Challenges in creating spatial environmental (reference) data sets
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Protected Sites; reference data set; interoperability; validation; view service; download service.

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