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Reducing implementation and maintenance costs through INSPIRE as a Service

Thorsten Reitz

(Submission #165)


In this talk, we present an in-depth analysis of contributors to costs in implementation and in the maintenance of INSPIRE services, and look at strategies to reduce these costs substantially.

Our goal is to show what options the community has to make provision and usage of INSPIRE services accessible to all data providers and users. As a basis for the analysis, we use data from our own projects, from tendering databases and from existing publications. In the cost analysis, we look at the components that lead to the total system unit cost. One such component is the service type and usage, a second one is the license type. We also include a comparison of different service types and their operational requirements, factoring in INSPIRE requirements on availability and capacity.

We finally present scenarios where INSPIRE as a Service systems are shared by multiple organisations - by tens, by hundreds, and by thousands - to reduce both service provision unit costs and costs associated with using INSPIRE services.


Topic Area:  [2.3] Cost / Benefits of implementing INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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