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SNIMar project

Teresa Rafael, Eduardo Pascoal, Guida Henriques, Inês Falcao, Maria Simões, Rita Abecasis and Sérgio Ferreira

(Submission #166)


Project SNIMar - “Preparation of integrated geographic information for marine and coastal water management” - aims to create a marine spatial data infrastructure (MSDI) that addresses the issues: “What data on the marine environment exist?”, “Where are those data?” and “How can we access those data?”. This MSDI will be an important tool for the environmental management of the Portuguese marine waters and it will be available for public access through the SNIMar geoportal. To achieve this goal, marine information that is currently scattered over several partner public entities is being gathered and a marine data sharing policy has been established for the dissemination of the SNIMar data. This will ensure that the SNIMar MSDI includes a comprehensive range of metadata and relevant datasets, which are being created and/or updated by means of innovative technological solutions in accordance with the technical specifications for the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive. These solutions include the INSPIRE compliant “SNIMar Profile”, an extension of the National Geographic Information Metadata Profile.) The SNIMar Profile is associated to the “Collaborative Keywords”, a web application that was developed in this project to optimize the effectiveness of the geoportal search tool by creating standardized lists of marine related keywords to be included in the SNIMar metadata. To easily create and/or update SNIMar metadata, a “SNIMar metadata editor” was developed. However, for large volumes of systematic data or well organized data such as databases, the application tool “SNIMar AutoGenerator” is being developed to enable institutions to automatically create and store datasets, services and metadata in their own local nodes. These local nodes will consist of a geospatial content management system developed in a GeoNode solution to enable collaborators to manage, share and publish their metadata and data. These will be harvested from the local nodes and displayed in the “SNIMar geoportal”, which is being developed on an ESRI solution. All these solutions are being built on free and open source technologies to ensure that the system is maintained after the project’s conclusion. In addition, a communication plan is onset to engage marine information producers and users with the SNIMar Geoportal. SNIMar is a predefined project of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, promoted by the Task Group for the Extension of the Continental Shelf, in partnership with the Norwegian Mapping Authority the National Land Survey of Iceland and the Portuguese Sea and Atmosphere Institute.


Topic Area:  [2.1] Transnational SDI projects
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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