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SNIMar project tools

Inês Falcão, Eduardo Pascoal and Ana Navarro Ferreira

(Submission #168)


The SNIMar project, “Preparation of integrated geographic information for marine and coastal water management", is a predefined project of European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, which has as main purpose the development of a Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure that will assimilate a large diversity of marine data that exists throughout Portuguese marine institutions. The SNIMar SDI will bring together and catalog in a central node all the marine information spread over several local nodes, one per institution involved in the project. The SNIMar metadata profile was designed to be compliant with the INSPIRE metadata specifications, and one of its important features is the SNIMar Thesaurus, a marine vocabulary created collaboratively using the web application “Collaborative Keywords” (CK), that intends to increase the effectiveness of the SNIMar Geoportal search tool, once an essential prerequisite to achieve consistency on data categorization is the use of common vocabularies. In order to guarantee a continued participation of institutions in the SNIMar project and reduce, or even eliminate, the experts' effort in the creation of systematic geospatial products and respective metadata, the “SNIMar AutoGenerator” (SAG) application was developed. SAG intends to be a friendly tool integrated at an institution’s local node with large volumes of systematic data or well organized information such as databases or structured files. Consisting of three main components, SAG pretends to streamline the creation of datasets, services and metainformation as well as their automatic update whenever necessary. Once SAG is an approach that aims to guarantee products and metadata integrity, it uses its own database containing the data collected from the source databases through regular ETL processes allowing the independence of the information from the original sources. Another interesting component of SAG is the “Keyword Matching” tool that makes the process of mapping potential keywords from SAG DB with keywords from CK application easier, simplifying the identification and use of SNIMar Thesaurus keywords on geospatial resources' metadata. In sum, all SAG tools have the purpose of simplifying the creation of geospatial products and their respective metadata files, as well as ensuring the sustainability of the SNIMar project.


Topic Area:  [2.9] Challenges and approaches to standardization of data and interoperability of systems.
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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