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Integrating INSPIRE into a single seamless information space

Peter Baumann and Angelo Rossi

(Submission #173)


With its recent focus in Annexes II and III, INSPIRE has set out to address the next level of complexity and volume. Many, if not most of the INSPIRE themes – like Ortho¬imagery, Elevation, and Geology – require high-volume raster and point cloud data. Generally, such regular and irregular grids, point clouds, and general meshes form coverages, as standardized by OGC and ISO. The OGC Big Data standard, Web Coverage Service (WCS), offers a convenient, highly user-oriented interface definition which allows domain specific clients to dock into scalable services. At this conference, INSPIRE WCS will be presented to the public together with a reference implementation, rasdaman.

The enabling rasdaman array engine stands out with its raster query capabilities allowing discovery, processing, and combining multi-dimensional space/time data in realtime. Internally, highly effective optimizations, parallelization, federated processing, and modern hardware achieve superior performance already on mod¬erate hardware. As scientific benchmarks have demonstrated, rasdaman has a potential to offer more flexibility and performance than con¬vent¬ional technology such as Hadoop and Spark which do not provide native architectural support for massive space/time grids.

In the intercontinental EarthServer initiative a single seamless information space is being established, integrating metadata and data search and retrieval. Any query can be sent anytime to any of the participating data centers; the rasdaman peers will automatically determine the most efficient distribution of the query. The standards-based interfaces allow access through the large and growing number of tools interfacing with rasdaman through open standards; in particular, the MEA timeseries analysis tool and the NASA WorldWind virtual globe allow gaining both overview and insight rapidly. Today, rasdaman installations can be found at large geo data and service providers such as ECMWF, DWD, Ply¬mouth Marine Laboratory, ESA, NASA, and National Computational Infrastructure Australia.

Concepts of rasdaman have critically shaped the modern datacube standards, such as OGC WCS, OGC Web Coverage Processing Service (WCPS), and ISO Array SQL. Today, rasdaman is mature and in operational use on data holdings exceeding 125 TB per site. Single queries have successfully been split across more than 1,000 cloud nodes. OGC runs its Coordinate Reference System (CRS) resolver on a rasdaman component.

In our presentation we will outline why rasdaman is a key enabler for INSPIRE data services. We will give short live demos with rasdaman ranging from laptop over clouds to intercontinental data fusion.


Topic Area:  [2.2] Technologies and tools required to deliver INSPIRE
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