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Toward 2020 regarding geographic information in the Department of Land and Sustainability of the government of Catalonia

carme olivella, Àngels Trèmols Gironell, Ignasi Parrón Lagunas, Cristina Jiménez Puigpey, Pau Sainz de la Maza Marsal, Xavier Gómez Giménez and Maria Mercè Mas Souto

(Submission #176)


The geographic commission of the Department of Land and Sustainability (GEOCOM) of the Generalitat of Catalunya has created a working group called “Toward the 2020” , which will held throughout 2015 and defines the strategic lines in geographic and information from now to the year 2020. This project is framed in the 7th General Union Environment Action Program to 2020 ‘Living well, within the limits of our planet” and the Directive INSPIRE. Moreover, the Department was commissioned by the government of Catalonia to create a new portal, which provides an easy access to the geographic information for all the departments of the government. As well as other public institutions deal with geographic information, such as other departments –Agriculture, Health, Education, etc.-, other governmental regional institutions, for example in the Catalan Agency of Water or the Catalan Institute of Soil and in almost all local institutions such as City Halls; the group invited the people in charge of this kind of information to take part in the task of the working group. The methodology consisted in analysing which were the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats of the geographic information in the Department of Land and Sustainability and its relationship with the information of others departments of the regional government, also in order to build an easily accessible portal. More than fifty strategic lines were proposed for implementing to the Department of Land and Sustainibility. The working group decided to group them in these five main lines: 1) ensuring the quality of geographic information, understood as a key element of planning and management 2) promoting standardization, interoperability, transparency and preservation of data sets of the geographic information, 3) promoting synergies between all stakeholders in the development of the geographic information, 4) ensuring the allocation of human resources, economic and technological, and its efficient management to respond to the needs of users and 5) to consolidate Geocom as a promoter of the geographic information in making decisions. In Geocom a new group was created to follow their implementation.


Topic Area:  [2.4] Regional cooperation: building SDI for better governance
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   geographic commission, geographic information, strategic lines, synergies, interoperability, standardization, transparency,accessible portal

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