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The GeoSmartCity Hub: a data platform for supporting the operativeness of Smart Cities

Giorgio Saio and María Cabello

(Submission #179)


The workshop aims to present the GeoSmartCity project and its value to support institutions and stakeholders in the Smart City context in different application domains.

It includes the presentation of the GeoSmartCity main components: • GeoSmartCity Hub: a cross-platform, re-usable and open hub able to publish open geographic information and to provide specialised services based on open standards services; • Innovative Services: services platform to View, analyze, extract data from the GeoSmartCity OpenData Hub; Universal Discovery Services; Business Intelligence and GeoProcessing service platform; Ingestion and data integration engine; • Green Energy Scenario: operative and re-usable pilot cases to facilitate diffusion and management of renewable energy within cities; • Underground Scenario: operative and re-usable pilot cases to support integrated management of underground utilities infrastructures; • GeoSmartCity data models: INSPIRE core data models for Buildings and Utilities & Governmental Services properly extended to include national requirements and rich semantics of user communities; • GI Open Data Repository: open and proprietary datasets including geo-spatial information in an interoperable infrastructure based on open standards; • GeoSmartCity Training Framework: designed in order to make available existing knowledge and transfer the outcomes of the project towards the target groups of users. The Training Framework complements and support dissemination and exploitation, fostering Capacity Building.

The major results of the workshop for the users will be to explore GeoSmartCity infrastructure and build new ideas to address new markets.


Topic Area:  [2.1] Urban and rural sustainability: Smart cities / Smart rural
Abstract Type:  Workshop


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