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GeoDCAT-AP: Cross-sector sharing and re-use of geospatial metadata

Andrea Perego and Michael Lutz

(Submission #187)


GeoDCAT-AP [1] is metadata profile for the RDF-based representation of INSPIRE and, more in general, ISO 19115 metadata records.

Developed in the framework of the EU Programme "Interoperability solutions for European public administrations" (ISA), GeoDCAT-AP is defined as a domain-specific extension of the "DCAT application profile for European data portals" (DCAT-AP). DCAT-AP is an application profile of the W3C Data Catalog Vocabulary (DCAT), and is meant to be used as a cross-domain and cross-platform metadata interchange format for data catalogues operated in the EU.

The final specification of GeoDCAT-AP (version 1.0) has been released in December 2015, and it is currently implemented in a number of geospatial and general-purpose data catalogues [2], one of them being the European Data Portal, the EU-wide data catalogue released in November 2015, providing a single discovery and access point for data published in the EU.

Besides providing an overview of GeoDCAT-AP, we will illustrate the lessons learnt and the issues concerning the cross-domain integration of the geospatial platform with other data infrastructures. Moreover, we will present the methodology adopted to facilitate the implementation of GeoDCAT-AP on existing geospatial data catalogues, along with the existing implementation experiences. Finally, we will provide an outline of the activities under-way to enhance the GeoDCAT-AP specification, and to facilitate its cross-domain integration with the existing data infrastructures.





Topic Area:  Integrating eGovernment with INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   metadata, DCAT, DCAT-AP, GeoDCAT-AP, RDF, Linked Data, interoperability

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