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Haico van der Vegt

(Submission #190)


PDOK is a partnership of a number of a number of Dutch Ministries and the Kadaster, working together to build a central repository of reliable, accessible and efficiently managed location based information of the government. With INSPIRE being one of the biggest drivers behind this programme, the aim has been to ‘invent the INSPIRE infrastructure wheel’ only once and use the solution many times, serving INSPIRE and other data to society, both public and private users, sharing common space.

Being an important part of the Dutch spatial data infrastructure, data and webservices are made available, showing and providing nationwide topographic and thematic maps of all kind, from INSPIRE to Key Registers. The underlying data are nearly all Open Data and therefore free of charge, as well as the webservices. It has a service oriented architecture, complying with the INSPIRE implementing rules and the Dutch interoperability framework, guaranteeing a high availability service level and user support. As a single point of access for governmental geodata, it can be considered as a fundamental building block for creating added value services and applications for society, growing towards a true, fully integrated NSDI.

In the PDOK web portal, all the available PDOK data and services can be searched, viewed and downloaded. It gives you important documentation about the services, as well as examples of how these services can be integrated in real world applications. Besides serving the INSPIRE data and services and hosting the INSPIRE metadata register (National Geo-Register, NGR), one of the most eye-catching functionalities offered by this portal is the mapping API (application programming interface), the so-called “PDOK Kaart” API. It is a simple tool to integrate your own map in your website or web application. Using the underlying webservices of PDOK, this mapping API is a free, for anyone to use tool. PDOK kaart is also free of advertisements, making it a valuable mapping tool within the government. PDOK also serves as the access point for providing the European Location Framework (ELF) with INSPIRE information. Last but not least, PDOK offers a GeoDatastore, a simple tool to upload public (geo)datasets in a secure and high-performing environment.


Topic Area:  Integrating eGovernment with INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   SDI; e-government; open data;

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