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European Location Framework, INSPIRE and the European Interoperability Framework

Eva Pauknerova and Antti Jakobsson

(Submission #191)


European Location Framework (ELF) is a European Pilot-A Project which will deliver the European Location Framework (ELF) required to provide up-to-date, authoritative, interoperable, cross-border, reference geo-information for use by the European public and private sectors. This cloud-based and cascade-supporting architecture will provide a platform of INSPIRE compliant geo-information, harmonised successively at a cross-border and pan-European level. INSPIRE is the European Directive and its Implementing Rules and technical guidelines providing a legal framework for building-up the INfrastructure for SPatial INformation at the EU to support environmental policies in Europe. INSPIRE is implemented as a federated network of geoinformation providers built on existing spatial data infrastructures (SDIs) in the EU Member States (MSs). European Interoperability Framework (EIF) is a key framework document formulated and published in and for the ISA Programme to outline main principles and methodology for enhancing the interoperability of public administration and e-Government at the EU. Year 2016 represents a milestone for all of these extensive pan-European activities. The ELF Project reached its final year to finish in October 2016 and it also went through an enlargement to 40 ELF Consortium Members. The National Mapping and Cadastral Authorities (NMCAs) create more than a half of these newly. The transition from the ELF Project (covering about 20 European countries) to the European Location Services (ELS) with a geographically wider coverage will start in 2016, led by EuroGeographics - the pan-European Association of NMCAs. The INSPIRE implementation has been going through an evaluation and reflection phase from the EC perspective. The MSs have provided their 3-year INSPIRE reports describing their coordination effort and implementation results in the period 2013-2015. The ISA Programme had been transformed into the ISA2 Programme and some of its documents, including the EIF, will go through various revisions and modifications as regards priorities or formal weight. This presentation looks at the ELF and INSPIRE through the EIF perspective (legal, organizational, semantic/information and technology interoperability; role of base registers). It highlights where they complement or support each other and how, and it turns attention to some potential synergies. Experiences from the EIF consultation will be considered.


Topic Area:  [2.8] INSPIRE and the European Interoperability Framework
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   INSPIRE Implementation, ELF Project, EIF, interoperability


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