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GDI-Südhessen: How hundreds of administrative and municipal districts stop worrying about INSPIRE

Thorsten Reitz, Andreas von Dömming and Martin Domeyer

(Submission #200)


INSPIRE implementation tends to trickle down – at first, national cadastral and mapping organisations as well as European institutions picked up implementation. Then, many states implemented solutions, in particular for discovery and view services. One administrative hierarchy level lower, there are huge numbers of counties and municipalities that also have data which falls under the INSPIRE directive and needs to be published.

This talk will help local and regional governments or other groups implement effective, INSPIRE compliant Spatial Data Infrastructures using cloud and Open Source on premise solutions. We focus specifically on Download and Transformation services to show how to make INSPIRE services usable in standard tools, such as web or desktop GIS, which often do not support complex GML.

In this presentation, we describe how an interest group made of municipalities and counties joined forces to implement an easy to use, cost effective INSPIRE platform for their members. A key decision the group made was to improve collaboration across the members of the interest group via the new platform. For this purpose, the group designed a set of local harmonized data models, from which the system should derive INSPIRE data and services automatically. Another core requirement for the platform was to automate metadata entry to the highest possible degree.

Two companies, wetransform and bespire, took up the challenge to implement the requirements based on their hale studio, inspire gis and bespire service publisher products. In the talk, you will learn how we use the resulting “INSPIRE as a Service” platform to publish more than 1.000 INSPIRE data sets. We will also discuss the following aspects of the resulting system in detail:

- Design and User Experience

- Scalability and resilience

- Operations (Hosting and Application management)


Topic Area:  [2.3] Cost / Benefits of implementing INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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