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Workshop title: Privacy protection and open INSPIRE data: clash of the titans, or making two worlds meet?

Bastiaan van Loenen and Marc de Vries

(Submission #208)


Open Government Geographic Data (OGGD) plays a driving role in the datafication of our society. Although there is a focus on non-personal data in the open data movement, OGGD may contain personal data. INSPIRE provides a mechanism to make geographic data publicly accessible. And according to the PSI directive accessible data should be released for re-use. However, in many European countries data protection seems to be a real obstacle for the release of publicly accessible datasets. In 2018 the new general data protection regulation (GDPR) will come into force in Europe. In this session the correlations between INSPIRE, the PSI directive and the GDPR will be discussed. Does the GDPR apply to INSPIRE data? How do you determine this? How will it work in practice? What will be the implications of diverging applications in Member States and what can we do about this? Those are questions that will be discussed in depth.


Topic Area:  [2.4] INSPIRE + Open Data + COPERNICUS
Abstract Type:  Workshop

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Comments:   privacy, open data, INSPIRE data


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