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An INSPIREd application to design landslide risk environmental impacts

Carlo Cipolloni, Daniele Spizzichino and Gabriele Leoni

(Submission #212)


In the LIFE+IMAGINE project a landslide pilot has been developed to provide a landslide risk scenario through the implementation and analysis of specific key-factors as landslide inventory databases and thematic maps such as, landslide susceptibility and hazard maps; assessment of exposure and vulnerability on selected typologies of exposed elements. The pilot has been implemented in Liguria region (Italy), in two catchments located in the Cinque Terre National Park, characterized by a high landslide susceptibility and low resilience, being highly vulnerable to landslides induced by heavy rainfall. The landslide risk impact analysis has been calibrated taking into account the socio-economic damage caused by landslides triggered by the October 2011 meteorological event. With the aims of design the pilot use cases application, is fundamental to manage INSPIRE compliant data . This approach ensures a full interoperable geo-information tool that performs specific impact analysis and geo-processing services based on environmental policy. An harmonisation process versus Natural Risk zone INSPIRE data model is needed, transforming first of all the input data as hazard elements (i.e. landslide event, landslide hazard map) as exposed element (i.e. road network, cultural heritage, building, etc) and then to manage the output risk scenario products (i.e. impact indicators). The harmonised data and web services are then orchestrated in a web application with specific web processing functionalities: areas of interest intersect to make some comparison and statistic reports; routing service to identify network critical point to reach specific sites or budget sediment variation rate to evaluate the landslide impact on the coastal area. The main target of final web application on the landslide risk assessment scenario is to improve the knowledge and awareness on hazard, exposure, vulnerability and landslide risk in the Cinque Terre National Park. The updated landslide risk scenarios are useful for the local authorities and population and, at the same time, to improve the quality of analysis exploiting the INSPIRE data and services compliances and integration.


Topic Area:  [1.8] Risk and management of natural disasters
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Landslide, User application, data harmonisation


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