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Operational Sentinel-2 orthoimage series generation in Catalonia: first experiences

Vicenç Palà, Luca Pipia and Jordi Corbera

(Submission #213)


Since the beginning of the ESA operational distribution of Sentinel-2 (S2) imagery by means of the Sentinels Scientific Data Hub (Novembre 2015), a public service for the dissemination of Sentinel-2 orthoimages over the Catalan territory has been developed at the Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalunya (ICGC). The service is intended to provide time series of orthoimages over Catalonia obtained by combination (mosaicking) of S2 granules acquired from two different satellite orbits, 8 and 51. The final goal is to generate orthoimage of Catalunya at monthly time scale with the lowest percentage of clouds, depending on the specific meteorology of each time window.

The orthoimages can be openly accessed through a standard WMS geoservice, incorporating one layer for each monthly-generated orthoimage, and a WMS-Time geoservice providing support to temporal analysis requests.

A web tool has been also developed to enable the simultaneous visualization of different S2 orthoimages displayed in different sub-windows. The same zoom and scroll parameters are applied to each sub-window to make it possible an easy orthoimage comparison over time. The layer corresponding to each sub-window can be selected by the user.

Finally, the downloading of the S2 orthoimage is also available using a dedicated ICGC web tool through a previous definition of the area of interest by the user.


Topic Area:  [1.3] Land management and monitoring
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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