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Two or three downstream success stories

Marc Leobet

(Submission #214)


The triennial report is a moment to check the INSPIRE implementation. What works and what could have to be improve. This year, for the first time, we include downstream success stories.

The first shows the use of INSPIRE tools to help eGovernment. The Carto API is a component which is based on reliable reference data ecosystem made available through the INSPIRE initiative (administrative boundaries, zoning, addresses, etc.). The API Carto is used via classical Internet technologies (Javascript, GeoJSON, etc.), but they are plugged on network services (OGC WMS and WFS) and reference geographic data provided by many agencies.

By making accessible to non-GIS specialists the SDI resources, it allows a drastic simplification of using geographic information in the administrative process at the point of use. By a true hazard, the first use case was dedicated to vineyard authorizations for winegrowers.

The second illustrates what INSPIRE can bring to public authorities through innovatives private societies. Ypresia is a software company in the field of water and wastewater. It was facing with a problem: customers wanted to address mapping, but all did not have a geographical information system. For wastewater, it need to draw the diagram of facilities, so it was looking at better accuracy than OpenStreetMap basemap. The INSPIRE webservices allow the end users to locate fast the targeted area and to draw the detailed schema of the installation.

By offering GIS functions without having to mastering a complex software, it allows rural territories to get smart tools. It is a real help for mayors and technicians.

Many others success stories in the French report are based on the exploitation of the French SDI. The biggest is the National Geoportal for Urban Planning, which will hold all the official local information. We have another about a side effect of been well coordinate at regional level to bring a swift answer to a national request (in Normandy). And one which evaluate to 50 000 euros a year the benefit to get a local platform for urban planning. And ten other success among others.

Yes, INSPIRE bears fruits.


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