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Mission possible – European Topographic and Cadastral Reference Data from one online source

Laila Aslesen

(Submission #215)


Topographic and Cadastral Reference Data is an essential requirement for making sound public policy and well-founded commercial decisions, and an important basis for a well-functioning European Interoperability Framework. Information directly associated with Reference Data is of the greatest value, because information about a location from one source is reliably associated with information about the same location from another source, and this provides for more informed decisions. Using Reference Data from the National Mapping and Cadastral Authorities (NMCA) is necessary for any user that strives to make informed and reliable decisions. The NMCAs provide Topographic and Cadastral Reference Data that it will be maintained and updated according to a transparent and democratically decided long-term mandate. It will also in most cases be the best quality and most up-to-date data available for an area. The European NMCAs will provide their Topographic and Cadastral Reference Data from INSPIRE compliant services through the European Location Framework (ELF). A sustainable ELF, i.e. financially viable operation, is a key commitment made by the European NMCAs through their membership of and commitment to the purpose and strategy of European their representative body, EuroGeographics ( ). ELF is looking at solving an issue where customers need the best available and most up to date Topographic and Cadastral Reference Data on a European scale across national and administrative boundaries. The main benefits of ELF include a number of technical advancements and administrative savings for the customers. Online delivery holds great promise for the geo-information market in the context of continuous internet connectivity and service oriented architectures (SOAs). Whilst the value associated with detailed, intelligent, vector based location information generally is greater, a robust web map tile service with fit for purpose content is a pre-requisite in delivering location based products and services which are attractive to users. The ELF products will provide for both. The ELF products are created from a number of different data and services from a number of different organisations and their individual licensing policies. It is key that the licences offered by ELF are clear, concise and suited to the ELF Products, the delivery mechanisms and the users for whom they are intended.

This paper will describe how this will be achieved with the technical, administrative and legal solutions developed by the ELF project ( ).


Topic Area:  [2.8] INSPIRE and the European Interoperability Framework
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   ELF, European Location Framework, EuroGeographics, National Mapping and Cadastre Authorities, NMCA

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