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Deriving Copernicus land cover and land use data from national datasets following bottom-up approach and INSPIRE data specifications: EAGLE geometric test case

Nuria Valcárcel Sanz, Julián Delgado Hernández and Guillermo Villa Alcázar

(Submission #218)


The EAGLE group is an open assembly of technical experts from different EIONET National Reference Centres on land cover. The development of EAGLE concept and methodology is being funded by the European Environment Agency under the framework of Copernicus program.

The EAGLE objective is to elaborate a feature-oriented conceptual solution able to support European information capacity for land monitoring building on existing and future national data. EAGLE developments is based on the integration and traceability of national data into European databases (bottom-up approach), semantic interrelations between different land cover and land use information systems and implementation of INSPIRE Data Specifications and ISO/TC211 standards.

EAGLE vision includes developments on data modelling, database implementation, geometric and semantic generalization with vector and raster geometries and the development of desktops applications to consume EAGLE outputs.

This paper focuses on the dissemination results while performing real tests with the EAGLE database, populating it with existing land cover and land use data from selected test sites, where European (CORINE Land Cover and High Resolution Layers) and National data existed. For each selected site, on the one hand an EAGLE database was populated with European CORINE Land Cover enhanced with High Resolution Layers data. On the other hand, geometric and semantic generalization and aggregation procedures were performed on national data taking into account Copernicus requirements, in order to populate an EAGLE database with the aggregated national data.

After comparing the results of both databases, a final analysis was carried out identifying possibilities and difficulties regarding geometric generalisation and aggregation processes, as the long-term target is to bring as many member states as possible to automated generalization and aggregation of national data into European products.


Topic Area:  [2.8] INSPIRE and the European Interoperability Framework
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   land cover, land use, EAGLE, Copernicus, CORINE Land Cover, European Environment Agency, generalization, databases

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