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INSPIRE encoding of raster and vector data with ETL tools

Julián Delgado Hernández

(Submission #220)


INSPIRE Data Specifications include encoding compliance. For each conceptual UML package in the Data Specifications there is one GML schema (XSD file) that defines the expected structure of the INSPIRE data. This GML must be used to generate transformed data, such as GML files or WFS response objects.

IGN Spain carried out several experiences during last years for the transformation of national data to INSPIRE Data Specifications. These experiences deal with generation of GML files for the INSPIRE themes of Orthoimagery, Elevations, Land Cover and Land use. Issues solved during these experiences include: codelists use, management and replication of 1:M relations between INSPIRE feature class, GML validation in terms of file structure and use of generic XML schemas for ISO/TC211 standards, OpenGIS and W3C.

Of particular difficulty has been the generation of GML files for raster data (GMLCOV) due to their particular geometry (ISO 19123-2 and OGC 09-146r2). Information content such as rangeType, coverageFunction, domainSet or rangeSet have been dealt with and solved in these experiences both for orthophotos and digital elevation models.

The software package selected to perform this transformation was Safe Software FME, because it offers advanced management of geographic data and is able to read and write in many formats. A FME workbench environment was designed to implement the different transformation parts of Orthoimagey, Elevations, Land Cover and Land Use national datasets into INSPIRE GML files.


Topic Area:  [2.2] Technologies and tools required to deliver INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   GML, GMLCOV, ISO 19123 Coverages, FME, land cover, land use, orthoimagery, elevations

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