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INSPIRE framework for e-Government

Marcin Grudzień and Agnieszka Gruchała

(Submission #223)


Spatial information is a foundation for decision-making in the modern state. INSPIRE is a driving factor for building spatial data infrastructures in Member States countries. INSPIRE establishes building blocks essential for every spatial data infrastructure to work. These building blocks include: • datasets – presenting relevant spatial aspects of surrounding world • services – publishing datasets, • metadata – describing content of both datasets and services to facilitate search of INSPIRE content. All of these are standardized to minimalize workload required to consume resources published by different organizations in different countries. In summary INSPIRE is a robust framework for establishing spatial data infrastructure in European Union. Despite this INSPIRE is not addressing all the needs and aspects demanded from spatial data addressed by a modern country. However, having INSPIRE as a framework facilitates filling missing gaps because the basic building blocks established by INSPIRE are already there. Thus, workload necessary for creation of services and tools demanded by e-Government is less heavy. Most of organizations in Poland utilizing spatial data information are not familiar with its nature and sometimes complexity. Let’s be honest, INSPIRE is perceived in general as big and complicated which hinders its utilization. Moreover, training of GIS expert requires dedicated studies and a lot of experience. Therefore, some tools and services has to be established to bring INSPIRE closer to non-expert people. And such tools and services have been created in Poland to facilitate access and use of spatial information. Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography (GUGiK) works very close with other public sector bodies in order to deliver products being an answer to true demand of existing organisations. The presentation will focus on real-live integration scenarios with some of the tools developed by GUGiK including: • Geoportal API – tool allowing presentation any spatial object using reference spatial data as a background on any website in the simple way, • Addresses dictionary service – allowing to download addresses data in the simple structure, • OpenLS services – allowing geocoding, • View and download services. Above mentioned tools will be presented with examples of its utilization by various public organizations in Poland. At the end it is important to point out that GUGiK’s actions follow the principles of ISA2 initiative. Which means that GUGiK focuses on creation of its electronic services ensuring interoperability between different IT systems guaranteeing cross-sector interaction between public administrations, businesses and citizens.


Topic Area:  Integrating eGovernment with INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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