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Costs and benefits of the INSPIRE implementation in the Netherlands

Michel Grothe

(Submission #228)


In 2009 the Netherlands initiated the last cost-benefit analysis for the implementation of INSPIRE in the Netherlands. In 2016, almost seven years after the implementation started, an actualisation of this cost-benefit analysis was conducted. In this presentation the results of the actualisation of the cost-benefit analysis of 2009 in 2016 is presented. This presentation brings together the most important results and conclusions that have discovered. The costs-benefits analysis is based on the differences between the project alternative (the introduction of INSPIRE) and the zero alternative (the situation as it would be without the introduction of INSPIRE). The results have been obtained based on the information provided by various relevant parties: both data providers and users in a number of use cases. The use cases play a role in giving us an insight into the costs and benefits that can be derived by implementing INSPIRE in the Netherlands. The results have been monetized as well, for cost as well as for benefits.


Topic Area:  [2.3] Cost / Benefits of implementing INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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