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Transformation of geological data of Baden-Württemberg

Andreas Hagemeister and Sören Dupke

(Submission #234)


The State survey for geology, mineral resources and mining of Baden-Württemberg (LGRB) has to provide INSPIRE services for their geospatial database. This database – with a datamodel called GeoLa (Integrated geoscientific data of Baden-Württemberg) – consists of geological data (including borehole data) and hydrogeological data as well as data for mineral resources, soil and natural hazard zones. The data of those layers refer to (cover) the entire State of Baden-Württemberg, are harmonized and represent a regional map scale range between 1 : 30.000 to 1 : 50.000. Our presentation aims to give an overview of the transformation of GeoLa data. This covers the INSPIRE annex themes geology, mineral resources, soil and natural risk zones. The transformation process was realized with FME and the extension INSPIRE Solution Pack 2.0 for FME. In the pre-transformation stage a semantic mapping of all code list values from GeoLa class attributes to coded values of INSPIRE feature type attributes was carried out. Other key activites include the harmonization of the existing codelists. The presentation will cover the whole harmonization process. This includes: • Pre-conditions, GeoLa database • Conceptual and semantic Mapping, Including the mapping of codelists • Creation the transformation process with FME • Creation of the complex relationships between the Elements from the GE theme • Resulting GML data and ATOM feeds • Comparison of INSPIRE and original data • Main challenges, time spend, open issues


Topic Area:  [2.2] Technologies and tools required to deliver INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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