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Making Czech Land use data available

Jitka Faugnerova and Lenka Rejentova

(Submission #235)


Strategy for INSPIRE implementation in the Czech Republic (prepared under Czech INSPIRE Coordination Committee in 2014) defines “national INSPIRE data sets” (INDS) and a role of data providers responsible for each of them.

INDS is such data set that meets the requirements of data specifications. Ideally it covers the entire area of the Czech Republic and it comes from a single data provider. But usually to cover all the data theme INDS is compiled from data resources of more data providers, where each data provider is responsible for different spatial objects or attributes, or their data covers only some of the area of the Czech Republic. These data providers have to cooperate so that the data theme is fulfilled and by their agreement one of them is “the responsible”.

This applies to Land Use theme. Supposing that the source data for this theme comes from the spatial plans of local and regional authorities, the Ministry of Regional Development (MoRD), leading this activity methodologically, has become the responsible data provider and the coordinator. However, in practice thousands of local authorities should contribute to cover the area of all the country. There are some municipalities in the Czech Republic without spatial plans, usually these with “complete” spatial development (the ones with historical importance) or those with no need of spatial planning (the smallest ones).

Anyway there still remains almost 5000 municipalities whose spatial plans should be described by metadata and made available by relevant services. This can be done by using the National INSPIRE Geoportal (NGI -, but because it would be too time consuming to make all the municipalities to do it themselves. It was agreed by the MoRD and by CENIA (administrator of NGI) to start with making available land use data by top bottom approach. So first Land use data published at the European INSPIRE Geoportal should come from the regional authorities presenting data “as is”. This activity was started with 4 out of 14 regions.

The presentation will show the results of this “pilot” and it intends to open the discussion on European level on how to implement the Land Use theme. Harmonisation of data is foreseen as a next step, mainly because it might require changes in the Czech spatial planning legislation.


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