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INSPIRE implementation and SNIG development in Portugal: 2015 diagnostic study

Mário Caetano, Alexandra Fonseca, Ana Luisa Gomes and Paulo Patrício

(Submission #236)


SNIG is the Portuguese National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) and is available on the Internet since 1995. Portugal has been investing in INSPIRE implementation activities since the Directive entrance into force in 2007. Several organizational and operational structures were created involving the Directorate General for Territorial Development (DGT), as INSPIRE NCP, the geographic data producers and users. Dissemination and capacity building, metadata compliance and search (e.g. production, editors and catalogue), monitoring and reporting procedures were the main activities carried out until now. In 2015, DGT, which is also responsible for the NSDI operational coordination, decided to perform a diagnostic study of SNIG development and INSPIRE implementation. This diagnosis was based on the analysis of Portugal’s INSPIRE monitoring indicators over the past few years, on the results of a SWOT analysis performed by the public entities that are part of the INSPIRE CORE Focal Points Network and on the outcomes of an online public consultation which involved more than 500 respondents. The INSPIRE monitoring and reporting results reveal that (1) most of the spatial data sets and services reported under INSPIRE Directive have metadata, (2) the number of view and download services created by the data producing public entities in Portugal is still very low and (3) the vast majority of spatial data in Portugal does not follow the technical specifications laid down by the Directive. The SWOT analysis points out as key issues political aspects, in particular the implementation of policies to promote access and sharing of data, as well as technical aspects, mainly related to the creation and conversion of spatial data into the INSPIRE model. The training requirements on specific technical knowledge also emerge as a main issue. Finally, organizational aspects are referred to be related to the complexity of the Directive and its implementation. In the context of public consultation, in spite of other aspects less positive, 90% of the respondents consider valid the guiding principles of the INSPIRE Directive, namely the ones related to public access and data sharing, which shows that these principles remain relevant even 8 years after the publication of the Directive. This positive message from the public consultation is in line with the motivation and strong involvement of the Portuguese public entities in the efforts that are currently being applied towards compliance, integrated in the new collaborative and participated approach for SNIG development and INSPIRE implementation in Portugal.


Topic Area:  [2.6] Challenges in creating spatial environmental (reference) data sets
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   INSPIRE, SNIG, diagnosis, SWOT, Public consultation, compliance

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