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Luis Antonio Alvarez Llorente, Faustino Cordero Montero and José María Mateos Rodríguez

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are very powerful tools whose use has been extended to multiple sides and sectors, public administrations among them. In 1995, the Municipality of Cáceres decides to launch a GIS to resolve some problems that they had, especially in relation to cartography management and georeferenced data. Caceres GIS is characterized by being created from the Municipality itself, without dependencies of external companies, by its high customization and abstraction degree towards the final user and from the first moment using the Internet as a communication way with the outside. In the last 20 years of experience, numerous data, maps, urban planning, orthophotos and images have been gathered from many different sources. All this information has always made available to technicians and citizens through GIS website (, and more recently through social networks and mobile platforms with Cáceres View and Cáceres Histórica APPs. Equally, the OpenData portal ( has been launched, which shares and makes available all city data in reusable formats to promote transparency and, also, offers companies a way to generate wealth and employment by using these public data for applications development. Probably, natural evolution of a GIS it is towards the Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI), which made available to all Internet users a great amount of information managed in the system in formats defined as standards. In the last two years, Cáceres GIS efforts have focused in commissioning as the municipal commitment for a SDI which allows sharing the contents managed by the GIS following european and national standards and trends. At the end of 2014 begins the migration of all GIS published data to Geoserver, main engine of the SDI. In parallel, we worked on the definition of the metadata catalog (using CatMDEdit) and designing an attractive and easy to use website. In March 2016 Cáceres SDI website opens to the public with the double objective of giving a quality service, with complete and reliable municipal information, and to complement the contents offered by OpenData. It is an alive system, to which new information is added as is generated by the municipal GIS.


Topic Area:  Integrating eGovernment with INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   SDI, GIS, Goverment, Municipality, Opendata

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