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Transcription of factual data of the Hydrogeological Map of Germany 1 : 200,000 into the data model according to the INSPIRE directive

Klaus Duscher, Stefan Broda, Patrick Clos and Jörg Reichling

(Submission #251)


The Hydrogeological Map of Germany 1 : 200,000 (HUEK200) consists of a seamless spatial polygon dataset accompanied by a database of the factual data. According to the INSPIRE directive the HUEK200 dataset has to be transferred into a data structure predefined by the INSPIRE Data Specification on Geology. The HUEK200 data describes rock properties, both geologically (e. g. rock material) and hydrogeologically (e.g. groundwater permeability). A mapping schema has been developed to identify fellow attributes of the INSPIRE feature types corresponding with the characteristics of the HUEK200 tables, resulting in feature type matching tables. According to this analysis, the HUEK200 data relates to seven feature types of the INSPIRE geology data model: MappedFeature, CompositionPart, GeologicEvent, Aquifer, Aquitard, Aquiclude and HydrogeologicalObject. Additionally, code list matching tables were established to reconcile the content of several attributes. The INSPIRE lithology code list consists of 178 rock components, which are hierarchically reduced to 12 terms over five aggregation levels. More than 800 lithological descriptions of the HUEK200, mostly consisting of several components, were split up to generate a list of all single rock constituents. Subsequently, these components were translated individually into the INSPIRE terminology and the descriptions were compiled again compliant to the INSPIRE requirements. However, this transformation process also revealed some incompatibility between the HUEK200 source structure and INSPIRE target structure. For instance, the common rock type marlstone is not provided in the relevant INSPIRE code list. A set of suggestions for amendments and alterations will be discussed to resolve the identified shortcomings. Nevertheless, several datasets of characteristics, such as geochemical rock type, can be generated for the whole of Germany compatible with the INSPIRE data model.


Topic Area:  [2.6] Challenges in creating spatial environmental (reference) data sets
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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