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Open Land Use Map and Smart Points of Interest

Tomas Mildorf, Otakar Cerba and Dmitrii Kozuch

(Submission #252)


The Plan4business project (2012-2014) has identified a gap in land use data availability, especially outside big cities, in suburban and rural areas. The Urban Atlas of the European Environmental Agency covers only cities above 100,000 inhabitants. So for example in the Czech Republic, only 13 cities are covered. For the rest, there is the Corine Land Cover, which can be used only for regional and national analysis. The lack of land use data on local level led to an idea of combining data from various sources and of different levels of detail into a seamless map. This idea has been picked up by the SDI4Apps project and turned into a pilot application (Pilot IV: Open Land Use Map through Volunteered Geographic Information). The innovative aspect of the pilot is not only in the methodology of combining data into a seamless database, but also in using crowdsourcing for data collection and update. An important aspect is that data are available as open data. The aim is to cover the entire Europe and then extend it to a global dataset. The second part of this contribution will be focused on another open dataset, the Smart Points of Interest (SPOI). The SPOI is an open and seamless data set which is based on linked data principles and contains over 23 million points of interest from all the world. This makes it the largest open and standardized database in the world. The SPOI dataset uses standardised and respected datatype properties and a common data model and classification of land use. The contribution will present both the Open Land Use Map and SPOI datasets, their main features, options for access and exploitation possibilities for commercialisation and community projects.


Topic Area:  [2.7] Citizen science/crowd sourcing
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   open data, volunteered geographic information, land use, points of interest

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