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Passion and commitment – the key elements to make your presentation matter

Hans Ravnkjær and Ulla Kronborg Mazzoli

(Submission #260)


Disseminating highly professional and often very technical subjects are not an easy task. Lots of important information is lost when presenters use their speaking time telling us “all that they know” instead of telling us “what we need to know”. Clarity of thought and speak are most important qualities in a presenter.

This workshop is targeted to bring out the best in every speaker so that he or she can glow on stage while giving presentations that are both professional and engaging.

The participants will get to know and work with a series of methods, tools, tips and tricks that will enable him or her to share their stories with the audience in a trustworthy and curiosity creating way


Topic Area:  [2.3] Building dialogue between environment and human settlements via SDI
Abstract Type:  Workshop


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