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SensLog – way to standardize VGI data collection.

Karel Charvat, Michal Kepka and Runar Bergheim

(Submission #264)


SensLog – way to standardize VGI data collection. SensLog is an integrated solution for sensor networks. SensLog consists of data model and server-side application which is capable to store, analyses and publish data in various ways. SensLog receives measured data from nodes or gateways, stores data properly in the database, pre-processes for easier queries if desired and then publishes data through the system of web-services. SensLog is suitable for sensor networks with static sensors (e.g. meteorological stations) as well as for mobile sensors (e.g. tracking of vehicles, human-as-sensor). Database model was based on standardized data model for observations from OGC Observations&Measurements. But the model was extended to provide more functionality especially in the field of users hierarchy, alerts and tracking of mobile sensors. Important improvements of SensLog application were made in last period. New version of database model is utilized now. The database model was improved using table partitioning for largest tables. But improvements seen by users can be found in SensLog API. That was open for user applications running on other servers. One of the use cases for GIS that originally got me interested in this very interesting domain back in the middle of the 1990s was fleet tracking. The technological advances at the time made it possible to build a neat, albeit expensive, solution to this problem. Despite two decades having passed, sensor solutions are expensive and only available to people with significant purchasing power. This is surprising, because we are all now walking around with state-of-the art sensors in our pockets: smartphones. All of these are capable of running native, hybrid and web applications – and implements the HTML5 Geolocation API. Effectively, we have the means to collect sensor data without any additional investment. Relying on the hybrid mobile application framework Cordova (aka PhoneGap), s4a.js implements SensLog as a programmable object in JavaScript making it easy both to insert and retrieve observations from sensors with single lines of code. Before calling these methods, the units and sensors should be registered using the SensLog administration tool. Now, we have both the sensors and the means to store and retrieve the sensor data — all accessible from simple JavaScript using the Cloud infrastructure of the SDI4Apps platform. This significantly leverages the cost and complexity of setting up sensors solutions and opens up this market to a completely new set of users.


Topic Area:  [2.7] Citizen science/crowd sourcing
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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