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INSPIRE Services Quality Assessment and Publication at IGN Spain

Antonio Rodriguéz, Emilio López, Carlos Bustos, Paloma Abad, Guadalupe Cano, Alejandra Sánchez, Carolina Soteres and José Luis Lucas

(Submission #266)


INSPIRE Implementing Rules establish Quality of Service (QoS) requirements for viewing, location, download and transformation services ( Regulation (EC) No 976/2009 of 19 October 2009 and Regulation (EU) No 1088/2010 of 23 November 2010, which modified the previous one). Three quality aspects are considered, performance, capacity and availability, and for each one of them measures, measurement methods and minimum values to be guaranteed are defined depending on the type of service considered. To meet those requirements is mandatory since from November 9th 2011 for INSPIRE view and location services and from December 28th 2012 for INSPIRE download and transformation services. However, it is also true that in most EU Member States the implementation of INSPIRE Directive has some delay. According the finnish company Spatineo in June 2016 inly the 77 % of registered services had High Availability (> 99 %). We believe that this situation is due, among other reasons, to budget problems related to the echonomical crisis and to the fact that Implementing Rules are new, difficult to applied and there are a lack of mature software tools to implement it. In any case, the required quality of service is a challenge that official data producers shall cope with not only because it is a legal obligation, but also because it is a clear and critical demand of users, on whose satisfaction depends the success or the failure of each service. In that sense, the National Centre for Geographic Information (CNIG) of Spain, responsible for the publication of the Spanish IGN services, has been monitoring continuously its services by means of a petition every 3 minutes and has designed a capacity test procedure to be performed once a month. The results will be published on the IGN website following a policy of transparency that can help or users to rely in our organization as a service provider. In this communication the methodology for determining the quality of the IGN Web services is described, the results obtained and the analysis of results are shown, a brief explanation about how solve the problem of authorship in the case of collective production is outlined and how the results are going to be published in the IGN website is explained too.


Topic Area:  [2.2] Technologies and tools required to deliver INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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