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Exploring Access Control in INSPIRE and e-Government

Brecht Wyns, Robin Smith, Leda Bargiotti, Lorena Hernandez and Simon Vrečar

(Submission #267)


Restricting access to data and services could potentially create barriers to Digital Single Market goals for the free flow of data and interoperability. This is particularly true in the domain of geospatial data and services, which are currently being studied in A Reusable INSPIRE Reference Platform (ARE3NA, Action 1.17 of the ISA Programme).

A study on Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting (AAA) for Data and Services explores this from the perspective of identifying the state of AAA in the geospatial domain, including its impact on interoperability, and assessing how existing e-Government solutions might help to overcome technical and organisational interoperability barriers related to AAA. The first phase (2014-2015) explored the potential of an Access Management Federation. The second phase (ongoing) aims to understand the extent to which AAA mechanisms impact on INSPIRE services (WMS, WFS, Atom etc.), the reasons behind setting up AAA mechanisms and whether European solutions, such as those supporting the eIDAS Regulation No 910/2014, could be relevant to geospatial data and services.

In order to explore restricted INSPIRE data resources, both quantitative and qualitative approaches have been applied. First, metadata related to access conditions have been automatically extracted from the INSPIRE geoportal. Second, the behaviour of all INSPIRE Network Services were programmatically tested by sending HTTP requests in order to access the resources directly and analysed statistically. Third, we put ourselves in the position of an application developer and EC researchers looking for data from INSPIRE to understand some of the user experience of current protected services. Finally, in-depth interviews with some data and service providers were carried out to explore why AAA mechanisms are in place and how they relate to similar solutions provided through national/European e-Government infrastructures. The presentation highlights the main findings of this work and its related study report.


Topic Area:  Integrating eGovernment with INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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