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Adaptation of data providers metadata to the INSPIRE requirements in Catalonia

Joel Plana and Jordi Escriu

(Submission #270)


Many data providers in Catalonia are generating metadata with the SDI of Catalonia (IDEC) metadata editor, MetaD. This is a proprietary code application, which is outdated and does not take into account the INSPIRE requirements.

The IDEC aims at boosting the management of metadata in Catalonia with the adoption of a new open source metadata platform, based on GeoNetwork.

At the moment, the organization is dealing with a transition period. Meanwhile, INSPIRE compliant metadata has to be delivered. Adaptation of metadata to the INSPIRE requirements is following this workflow:

1.Analysis of the degree of conformity of data providers metadata vs. INSPIRE requirements, including the identification of errors with the INSPIRE Metadata Validator.

2.Obtaining an acceptable INSPIRE compliance percentage for data providers metadata taking into account the regional specificities.

3.Description of the procedure for generating an INSPIRE compliant metadata template:

a.INSPIRE Metadata Editor provides a XML file with the structure and mandatory content for INSPIRE Metadata.

b.MetaD Editor provides the fields needed to be compliant with the IDEC Metadata Profile, needed to document official datasets and services.

c.Compilation of requirements to develop a new metadata template for SDI.

On the other hand, the IDEC is playing a role as reference centre on metadata at regional level, promoting collaborative tasks and sharing knowledge with other local and regional authorities in order to simplify metadata records and improve their utility.


•SDI view: The fact of having an outdated metadata editor forces organizations to edit the metadata files manually. Migration to GeoNetwork is an opportunity to overcome such problems and developing a completely new metadata environment.

•Regional view: the knowledge acquired to adapt metadata to INSPIRE is being shared with other regional and local authorities, and taken into account for updating the IDEC Metadata Profile, and delivering related guidelines.

•INSPIRE Validator view: This is a very valuable tool because determines the degree of conformity with INSPIRE requirements and identify and document the errors. However, the descriptions of the errors are sometimes not clear enough. It would be recommendable to add examples showing how to correct the errors detected and warn about the updates of the validator tool.

•INSPIRE Editor view: This is a very valuable tool to generate an appropriate XML file for INSPIRE purposes. It would be recommended that the editor allow to document optional metadata fields.


Topic Area:  [2.4] Regional cooperation: building SDI for better governance
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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