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eWise: Subterranean Networks management interoperability between utilities companies, Public Administration & Citizens

Juan Ramon Mesa Díaz, Josep Maria Miranda Garuz, Laurent PELLOIS and Josep Fornons

(Submission #272)


Acefat is a company created in 1990 to coordinate subterranean public works related with networks (gas, electricity, water, communication) previous to Olympic Games of Barcelona in 1992 and is still nowadays, in charge of coordinating & managing these works. Acefat is also providing a platform called EWise to deliver information of networks for all Catalonia, within a single Web application.

eWise is an innovative Web solution that facilitates to exchange information about the underground infrastructures. When a work on the street has to be done it is mandatory to know detailed information about subterranean utilities & local administration infrastructures (electrical, gas, water, communication) and Ewise allows to get it in few minutes.

Inspire & OGC services are keys in this process as the solution is based on WFS, WMS in order to guarantee interoperability between central application eWise and utilities-Public organizations GIS systems (Barcelona Municipality, GAS Natural, Endesa, AGBAR ,etc..). Thanks to that eWise concentrates updated “live” utilities network information and facilitates it in certified printed pdf maps and in vector formats (GML, SHAPE, CAD) to the user that request the information.

At same time utilities companies get from Acefat WFS service information of works on streets to be done and that may be close to theirs infrastructures.

Some figures about eWise usage:

+36.000 annual work projects and studies +More than 6.000 users from 4.300 companies +Average response time: 5 minutes versus 20 days of former way of working +Savings exceeding € 500.000 per year in labour, management and works costs for utilities companies & public administration

Main benefits for Smart Cities & Smart Rural:

+Sustainability: Full electronic paperless system +Collaboration: A single portal for management, documentation and coordination +Communication: Increased & improved public information +Health & Safety: Reduction in accidents: accurate & updated information at any time +Simplicity: Intensive use of widely known ICT resources

Benefits to Utilities and Authorities:

+Co-ordination: Reduced cost of final works +Efficiency: Reduced cost through speedier more efficient administration. +Effectiveness: Faster response time thanks to interoperability and scalability +Transparency: The documentation is unified and organized +Security: Control of information and own secure network +Savings: Time, money & accidents

The presentation made by Acefat & Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure will be focused on the different features & benefits of the Ewise with special attention to Inspire web services usage & Implementation.


Topic Area:  [2.1] Urban and rural sustainability: Smart cities / Smart rural
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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