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Orthoimagery and Elevation coverages for INSPIRE

Pavel Sidlichovsky

(Submission #276)


Land Survey Office of the Czech republic is responsible body for creating, maintanance and delivery of orthoimagery and elevation datasets with countrywide coverage. Data are provided free of charge to public administration and governament institutions. View services were established and are available free of charge for anyone. Now our institution faces the challenge of establishing download services for both themes. The paper discusses existing national datasets, their parameters and possibilities of delivery, including licence restrictions and fees. The proces of transformation of national datasets into INSPIRE datasets faces several challenges, which are maybe not so complex as for transformation of vector data, but the proces is not any less time consuming. The challenges include coordinate transformation of raster data, creation of „coverages“ with external TIFF files with floating point value ranges and set up of registered , time and scope limited download (WCS) service . The feasibility of distribution of uncompressed (losless compressed) coverage data from the point of view of both provider and customer would be analyzed.


Topic Area:  [2.6] Challenges in creating spatial environmental (reference) data sets
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   orthoimagery, OIO, elevation, EL, coverages

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