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National benefits of Inspire implementation: the real life use cases.

Andrius Balciunas and Evaldas Rozanskas

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The Lithuanian spatial information portal (LSIP, is a state information system for the online exchange of spatial information. The initiative to develop LSIP was the INSPIRE directive which empowered national institutions to take the first steps of creating spatial information infrastructure in Lithuania and the geoportal as a gate to this infrastructure. The INSPIRE directive now is an incentive for Lithuanian organizations, particularly state institutions, to properly organize, standardize and provide collected spatial data in the best possible way, not only to European Union institutions, but, first of all, to Lithuanian users.

Instead of creating national geoportal to ensure provision of spatial data sets compliant with requirements of implementation rules of INSPIRE directive, Lithuania took the opportunity to create the platform for national geospatial solutions. The real and biggest benefits of INSPIRE directive for Lithuania is the possibilities for governmental, business, science institutions to get free access to available spatial data, integrate provided services and tools, build own solutions on top of LSIP infrastructure. INSPIRE as a key initiative to provide standardized spatial data sets to EU institutions was adapted to be a background for transformation of how we use, provide, reuse national geospatial solutions in Lithuania. As a result of implementation of INSPIRE directive (from the perspective of legislation and IT background) in Lithuania is reduced costs of collection, maintenance and delivery of spatial information for organizations, saved investments and resources for creating new spatial solutions, improved access to detailed spatial information.

LSIP provide 3 major types of services for national geospatial solutions: spatial data and geoprocessing services for integration in web applications and tools, e-government services for citizens and infrastructure as a service for building new web applications, informational systems. In this presentation we will show how these types of services are used by governmental and business institutions in real life use cases. We will also take a look how technologically LSIP is implemented and how we manage to provide services for INSPIRE portal together providing technological platform for national spatial solutions.


Topic Area:  [2.3] Cost / Benefits of implementing INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Geoportal, infrastructure as a service, national use cases, eGovernment.

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