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Automated generation of INSPIRE monitoring reports and service validation

Francois Prunayre, Paul Hasenohr, Paul van Genuchten and Ine de Visser

(Submission #284)


Last year the European Environment Agency (EEA), Geonovum and Titellus/Geocat cooperated to improve the INSPIRE dashboard, a deliverable of the monitoring working group set-up under the INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Framework (MIWP-16). The dashboard, hosted by the EEA, generates the yearly required INSPIRE monitoring report based on the metadata contained in national INSPIRE discovery services. Besides that, the dashboard is also a reporting and monitoring tool used to monitor and visualise the progress of INSPIRE implementation in Europe.

The dashboard is developed on DAOBS (Data Analyzer and OBServer). DAOBS software, initially created to power the INSPIRE dashboard, is an Open Source project and can also be used in a national or regional context to monitor and visualise the state of any Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).

In recent developments the INSPIRE testing tools of the “Esdin Test Framework” (ETF), which include service validators (also ATOM), have been integrated into the dashboard. At certain intervals the dashboard will run the ETF validators on all registered services and offer the Member States the possibility to visualise an assessment of the level of INSPIRE conformance of their SDI.


Topic Area:  [2.2] Technologies and tools required to deliver INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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