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IDEC – Towards a more usable SDI in Catalonia

Jordi Escriu and Joel Plana

(Submission #285)


The Spatial Data Infrastructure of Catalonia (IDEC) is currently immersed in a global reengineering process in order to build a renewed and more usable public service, connected to the European SDI (INSPIRE) through the national node.

The IDEC was the first initiative to make operative an SDI in Spain, a pioneer project whose first stage was mainly focused on creating a new system from scratch for discovering, identifying and sharing geographic information, including a catalogue (CSW) as core component. A vast effort was devoted to the generation of metadata for geographic resources using the MetaD desktop application. Over the years this first seed has evolved into a more complete infrastructure, also capable for visualizing and accessing geographic information from the Catalan Geoportal by implementing a network service architecture. As a result, it has been complemented with a bundle of end-user applications (PRG) including basic functionality, especially popular across local authorities.

However, driven by a widespread perception that existing SDIs still have to prove their usefulness and potential, the Centre for Supporting the IDEC has started a transversal reengineering process aimed at maximizing both, the usage and usability of the infrastructure, as well as easing access to relevant geographic information.

This evolution comprises: • A complete renewal of all SDI components (web geoportal, metadata editor, validator, catalogue and viewer based in GeoNetwork Open Source), whose characteristics will be described during the presentation. • A technological update of these components, including their interaction. • A simplification of the content and structure of the metadata records, balancing their richness, usefulness and complexity. • A redesign of data management workflows, including the adoption of a quality policy for metadata and its periodic update. • A conceptual assessment of possible new ways for accessing and using the underlying core network services of the IDEC from the web, not necessarily through the geoportal. • A reinforcement of the IDEC as a reference centre for the implementation of the corresponding standards, monitoring their evolution, drafting technical guidelines and promote the creation and maintenance of official data.

In summary, the renewed IDEC is perceived as key enabler in achieving data interoperability and deploying the Catalan Cartographic Plan (PCC), INSPIRE implementation strategy and legal instrument for managing and organizing geospatial information in the region, to cover the needs from public administrations.


Topic Area:  [2.2] Technologies and tools required to deliver INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   SDI, usability, regional, INSPIRE, implementation

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