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Regional cooperation: building SDI for better governance

Artur Rocha, Begoña Vila Taboada, Pedro Montero Vilar, José Lino Oliveira and Paulo Monteiro

(Submission #286)


The workshop will focus on the experiences learned from the implementation of two regional SDI, respectively: 1) for the association of municipalities corresponding to the Portuguese NUTS III region PT11A “Área Metropolitana do Porto” and 2) for the RAIA Oceanographic Observatory in the Galicia – Norte de Portugal Euro-region. Although both SDIs have very different purposes (Public Services in the first case, Marine Environment in the second), they share common architectural principles and components established in the scope of the INSPIRE Technical Guidelines. Examples of services that both SDI address are:

- Web Map Services, delivering portrayals of the INSPIRE Themes under the responsibility of each SDI;

- Web Feature Services, delivering features of interest along with their geometry and attributes, also according to the applicable INSPIRE Annexes;

- Sensor Observation Services, delivering real-time or near-real time monitoring information from sensors and sensor networks;

- Web Coverage Services, corresponding to grid data resulting from post-processing or high resolution forecast information at the regional level;

- Catalogue Services, indexing each of the above and providing means for end users to find and use each of the resources. Naturally, both infrastructures also share common challenges, mostly of semantic nature, that become noticeable when a catalogue service attempts to harvest service contents from different providers. The need to comply to INSPIRE code lists, taxonomies and controlled vocabularies in the implementation of harmonized services will be addressed, along with the implications in the production of datasets that these contain.


Topic Area:  [2.4] Regional cooperation: building SDI for better governance
Abstract Type:  Workshop


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