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INSPIRE implementation in the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization – Producing and Publishing Environmental Data

Ezgi Sarmusak, Sibel Toybıyık and AKIN KISA

(Submission #289)


In today’s world, it has been understood that all goods and services that are vital for human life can only be provided owing to healthy environment. The availability of consistent, up-to-date and relevant environmental information is quite essential for rational decision making processes and a healthy environment.

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (MoEU) is a government ministry office of the Republic of Turkey, responsible for the environment and urban planning. The Ministry consists of 10 general directorates; four of them are Directorate General of Environmental Management (DG-EM), Directorate General of Environmental Impact Assessment, Permit and Inspection (DG-EIA), Directorate General of Spatial Planning (DG-SP) and Directorate General of Geographical Information Systems (DG-GIS).

The DG-GIS is constituted to carry out the tasks and procedures regarding the building, utilization and development of the spatial data infrastructure in Turkey. The DG-GIS has started several projects in order to prepare a road map for Turkey to implement relevant INSPIRE standards by considering institutional reorganization of not only its own but also some other ministries in Turkey.

In February 2015, “Regulation on the Establishment and Management of National Geographic Information Systems” (official gazette no. 7179/2014) has entered into force. MoEU and the other national authorities in Turkey are obliged to make existing datasets conformant to Turkey’s National Spatial Data Infrastructure (TR-NSDI) specifications based on INSPIRE.

DG-EM and DG-EIA produces spatial and non-spatial data related to environment (noise /air /water /soil pollution, waste treatment facilities, production units, environmental impact assessment areas… etc.) within the scope of their tasks with regard to preventing of environmental pollution and observing all kinds of activities and facilities to improve the environmental quality. Environmental data are managed and published by the DG-GIS within the scope of TR-NSDI. And DG-SP makes spatial strategy plans, territorial plans and coastal zone plans by evaluating this data.

This paper will present the samples of data related to environment that produced by DG-EM and DG-EIA and how data is managed, transformed and published by DG-GIS. The results will be displayed via web application.


Topic Area:  [1.9] Environment-related threats to health (pesticides, noise, air/water/soil pollution)
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Environmental data, noise, air, water, soil pollution, waste treatment facilities, environmental impact assessment,INSPIRE implementation, Turkish National Spatial Data Infrastructure.

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