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dominique laurent, Christina Wasström and Saulius Urbanas

(Submission #301)


The workshop aims to explain how the ELF project articulates with INSPIRE, presenting these interrelations as a modern love story! Coming from the European Commission family, INSPIRE was a handsome and clever guy; though young, he already performed significant achievements by setting up the legal framework for the European Spatial Data Infrastructure. However, he felt alone and needed some help to transform this legal framework into an operational platform delivering harmonized data. Coming from the EuroGeographics family, the ELF initiative was also young but with similar ambitions as INSPIRE and with some practical achievements coming from a previous project (ESDIN). Of course, this common viewpoint brought them closer and they fell in love very quickly! In a classical tale, it would be the end of the love story but in a modern tale, the two protagonists have to decide about how to manage their respective assets and how to raise their children … all topics that may be cause of fruitful cooperation but also of dispute! For instance, do the ELF specifications bring any improvement to the beautiful INSPIRE house or are proposing a competitive place of living? How difficult or easy was the birth of the so expected operational services children? What about the ELF products and ELF licences? Should we consider them as the common children of ELF and INSPIRE (as built on INSPIRE) or is INSPIRE just their stepfather (as no equivalent in INSPIRE)? The INSPIRE GeoPortal and the ELF platforms look like just half-brothers, not sharing the same objectives and not being based on same technologies? Nevertheless, do they live quietly together or are they always fighting? Is it the same case for the ELF and INSPIRE tools, do they address the same issues (and might duplicate) or are they complementary? Last but not least, what is the future of this love story? Will the promising children grow in beauty, strength, efficiency… or will they just become exasperating teen-agers? Will they get new children? How will the children’s financial future be secured? Will the European Commission and EuroGeographics families provide some financial help? Might they divorce or in opposite will they get officially married? Our story tellers will explain in detail how our very active protagonists have organised their modern family life, struggling to make their various achievements live in a (relatively) harmonious way and how their future might look like.


Topic Area:  [2.1] Transnational SDI projects
Abstract Type:  Workshop


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