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The Challenge: Making Use of INSPIRE Services - INSPIREd by Open Data Hackathons

Antje Kügeler and Thomas Wojaczek

(Submission #311)


Open Data Hackathons gave us the idea to explore the possibilities of what can be done with INSPIRE data. EU Member states have invested a lot of time an effort and into mapping their data to be in line with the INSPIRE data models, setting up INSPIRE services and publishing INSPIRE metadata. As a result there is a wealth of INSPIRE data and services to be found online. So what happens when a group of bright developers are encouraged to play around with whatever INSPIRE data they may find on the internet? We did just that. And now we would like to invite you to look at the results. This workshop sets out to explain the idea behind the INSPIRE hackathon. We will then discuss the results and what was learned in the process. This will cover workflows from a user perspective ranging from locating and collating INSPIRE data and services, to exploring, using and transforming them, more specifically: • Finding information on INSPIRE data and services • Viewing INSPIRE View Services (WMS, WMTS) • Downloading data from INSPIRE Download Services (WFS, ATOM) • Using downloaded data in a mapviewer • Working with the downloaded data (ETL with FME): o Merging data from various sources o Harmonizing data from various sources The workshop participants will also have the opportunity to discuss and share their own experiences, for example when searching or using INSPIRE data from various sources.


Topic Area:  [2.3] Cost / Benefits of implementing INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Workshop


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