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Commercializing geoinformation today

David Sánchez Carbonell, Daniel Gómez López, Salvador Canas Belló, Xavier Querol Ribas and Laura Carbonell Navarro

(Submission #316)


The Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya (ICGC) is the Catalan mapping, geology and geophysics agency, belonging to the Catalan Government and aiming to deliver to users valued geographic and geological information and services.

The ICGC has been acquiring, producing and publishing geoinformation since

1982. During more than three decades, lots of changes occurred. From the commercialization point of view, all it started with the commerce of printed paper maps in 1984. After ten years, digital information was also sold. Now we are delivering geoinformation under CC BY license, which allows any use of that geoinformation (also commercial) just quoting the ICGC as its author.

Currently, most of its users, know ICGC through the Internet but, still, there are a lot of aspects that need a personal map shop. We offer different applications that make life easier to our users (and ICGC’s staff at the map shop). Among these applications we can find:

* Digital Library. Allows to access to thousands of aerial pictures we store, only with a click, selecting with the client the area of interest and the date, printing it and providing a valuable service to users in less than ten minutes.

* Map on demand. What you want is what we print. Select the area of interest and plot the topographic maps or orthophotomaps at 1:2,500, 1:5,000, 1:10,000 or 1:25,000.

* e-Shop. Around the 15% of our selling are done with our e-Shop, allowing both local and international users to have access to our paper maps, with more than 500 items available.

Most of these applications will be available shortly through the Internet. Therefore, staff working at the map shop is having everyday a function more related in assisting our web users. The role of the map shop personal is changing rapidly and updating their skills steadily is a must.


Topic Area:  [2.5] Spatial and non-spatial data
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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