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IDEArq: An Archaeological Research Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Iberian Peninsula

Carlos Fernández Freire, Antonio Uriarte González, Alfonso Fraguas Bravo, Ernesto Salas Tovar, Isabel del Bosque González and Juan Manuel Vicent García

(Submission #320)


The Center for Social Sciences and Humanities (CCHS) of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) puts forward IDEArq, a platform focused on Cultural Heritage research dissemination within the interoperability framework of Spatial Data Infrastructures. Several georeferenced archaeological collections, product of the research carried out through many years will be available within IDEArq, arranging a thematic Spatial Data Infrastructure that is closely related to INSPIRE’s Annex I Protected Sites theme. Two significant datasets are currently available: the “Radiocarbon Date Archive for Andorra, Portugal and peninsular Spain” offering more than 8,000 C14 dates for archaeological samples and the “Corpus of Levantine Rock Art (CPRL)” with more than 3,000 images from 94 Levantine style rock art sites. A wide chronological and spatial framework, comprising all Recent Prehistory and the entire Iberian Peninsula ensure a strong interest from different communities. An OGC compliant Web Map Service and a geoportal ( with a map viewer grant direct access to the datasets and related documentation. Generic information about the archaeological sites, such as a chronological and functional description, is available along with the archaeological research data related to them. More datasets will be soon available, such as the Isotopic dataset for the Iberian Peninsula (isotopic values of strontium, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen to study diet and mobility), in an effort to build up a scientific Spatial Data Infrastructure, looking for a framework of scientific research data dissemination through SDI’s means.


Topic Area:  [2.1] Transnational SDI projects
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   KEYWORDS: SDI, INSPIRE, OGC Services, Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, Iberian Peninsula

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