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Open transport net - Making your transport related open data more useful for your local community

Lieven Raes

(Submission #326)


Open transport Net opens your local transport open data for citizen’s developers and companies in your community and makes the data direct usable. OTN delivers a platform where you can share your transport related open data web services, API’s or datasets in an easy-to-use way. To make this possible we deliver a local platform to a city that can be fully managed by themselves. The user can use the platform to play around with the available (Geo-)datasets and can also combine these with his own datasets to build interesting new maps. The user can share the results with the community and use the results to influence local decision making. The OTN platform also delivers a lot of extra even more innovative features: • A toolset to build more advanced, easy to use visualizations with BI possibilities (like a dynamic map to show and select traffic accidents by time, severity or vehicle type or a dynamic map about the usage of public transport); • Specific attention to integrate meta data from Geo-sources (inspire, Geo-DCAT) and e-government/open data sources (DCAT, Dublin core); • Publishing meta data and data sets as linked open data. During the presentation, we will give a live demonstration of our platform. We will focus on innovative topics like the advanced visualisation of traffic accident data in the UK, how we integrate open crowd-sourced data and on how we work together with OGC and W3C on bringing geo-data and more classic e-government related data closer together. We will also explain how we use a tailored living lab methodology to attract users and to improve the OTN products. The OTN platform is closely related to transport, but can also be used in exactly the same way for environmental datasets.

OTN is an EU – CIP funded project

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Topic Area:  [2.7] Citizen science/crowd sourcing
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation


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