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INSPIRE as a link between marine & maritime planning

Andrej Abramic, Emanuele Bigagli, Paul Smits and Carmelo Attardo

(Submission #334)


INSPIRE is a framework legislation that requires sharing geo-located data on the environment, as spatial information on activities that can have an impact on the environment. This legal requirement enables linking data on the status of the environment with environmental pressures and impacts, thus supporting the implementation of an ecosystem-based approach and the achievement of sustainable development objectives. This concept is analyzed on the Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP). It will be shown how interoperable, discoverable, available maritime but also marine data can contribute to the process of MSP, by supporting the resolution of expected conflicts among maritime sectors, while at the same time contributing to the achievement of marine ecological objectives (established by the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, MSFD, 2008/56/EC). This research clarified how INSPIRE implementation can support MSP process in establishing data inventory, integrating coastal zone management planning and stakeholder process. Further, it is analyzed, the links of MSP to the to the MSFD “environmental planning”, that additionally requires INSPIRE data management related to the monitoring and assessment results. Finally, within this work we assess current marine/maritime data availability and expected updated during the INSPIRE implementation roadmap.


Topic Area:  [1.6] Practical cases of better resource managing such as oceans, forests, roads, housing.
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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