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Possibilities of third parties in real estate management in the light of the INSPIRE Directive

Ewelina Wójciak and Piotr Parzych

(Submission #338)


Transport infrastructure is strongly correlated with the development of the economy. An airport is a special type of infrastructure, and the benefits associated with its location should be sought in the economic development of the region in its broad sense. In addition to the positive aspects of the airports existence, the attention should be paid to the negative impact of airports on the environment. The above is of particular importance when deciding on the expansion of airports. The lack of information is conducive to social protests and it inhibits the development of such strategic projects. The INSPIRE Directive introduces the possibility of the involvement of third parties in the co-creation of an interoperational collection of spatial data. Such an option should be used in particular by the entities of strategic importance for the society. They include airports which, by creating their own geoportal integrated with the INSPIRE geoportal, can secure their own policy of operating in harmony with the environment. The article focuses on the current problems related to the operations of the Krakow Airport in Balice and on the attempt to standardize the problems using the opportunities arising directly from the INSPIRE Directive.


Topic Area:  [1.3] Land management and monitoring
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

Additional fields

Comments:   fields of value, property valuation, airports geoportal, estate management in the light of the INSPIRE Directive

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