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SITMUN: Cooperating to build local SDIs within Barcelona region

Marta Codinachs Serra and Fina Sáez Burgaya

(Submission #347)


To achieve an efficient and reliable public territorial management, it is essential to have an available and complete set of accurate, harmonised and continuous geographic data. Also, avoid administrative boundaries barriers. INSPIRE has helped to achieve this by creating SDIs.

SITMUN centralised platform is a foundation to implement the local SDIs requirements, accordingly with the territorial management needs and fulfilling its applicable law.

From a data point of view, this platform contributes in cooperation between local entities throughout Barcelona region, in order to achieve the main principles of their daily territorial management, and help them to comply with the legislation. It fosters data homogenisation, results in a common visualisation and a comprehensive data analysis within the whole Barcelona area, contributing to having continuity data throughout the territory.

This platform is available free of charge to local public authorities through the SITMUN Local Network ( Its main goal is to manage and maintain the spatial information of small-sized municipalities, which have no technical resources to implement their SDI, in order to take profit of the economy of scale.

Currently, 280 local entities within Barcelona region are members of this Network. They receive technical support to collect, structure, store and publish their spatial data sets through their own SDI geoportal.

It is important to note the aim of this Network to foster data to be collected and maintained by the most suitable entity, according to INSPIRE principles, national and regional legislation.

From a technological point of view, the purpose of this platform is to cooperate, reuse, and share software and best practices, among regional governments, in order to improve efficiency.

In fact, SITMUN project was developed within an Interreg Program in 2003. It evolved and it is still alive through the SITMUN European Network ( with the intention of continue collaborating and reusing know-how and software between its partners, which helps each other to accomplish the Re-use of Public Sector Law. At this moment, SITMUN European Network is composed by 9 main supra-municipal partners. They are using the same platform to assist their local entities within their region.

In conclusion, SITMUN platform facilitates the homogenisation of the spatial data by cooperating with local and supra-municipal public authorities. This helps the implementation of INSPIRE Directive at local level. At the same time it fosters the reuse and sharing between different entities in order to achieve higher efficiency and better governance.


Topic Area:  [2.4] Regional cooperation: building SDI for better governance
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   SITMUN, INSPIRE, SDI, Barcelona, local, territory, technology, reuse, share, governance

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