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Spotbooking: a success story of a eGovernment solution for managing the public space available for the whole EU market thanks to the use of INSPIRE data and eGovernmental API's.

dirk frigne

(Submission #348)


Presentation of a use case where INSPIRE data and eGovernment public API's are combined into a solution for the occupation of public space. The solution is maintained by a private organisation and offered as a SAAS. The solution was build together with the Belgium city 'Kortrijk' as a pilot. Geosparc, a private company invested in the development of a product approach of the solution. Thanks to the INSPIRE infrastructure this solution is available for the whole EU-market. This model can be used as inspiration for business models where the private industry can benefit from the INSPIRE SDI to reach a bigger market.

The use case: The occupation of public space such as public works, events or the placement of a container for renovations results almost always in nuisance for the other users. Spotbooking is an easy end to solution to initiate, process and manage these requests based on INSPIRE data and eGovernment API's. It runs in a browser or on a mobile device and supports complex work-flow and eGovernment processes to orchestrate the use of public space and granting a license. It is a new way of Governmental Service, where a citizen is guided trough a wizard to accomplish his license to reserve some public space. Enforcement in the field is easy due to information on a mobile device. The whole process interacts with a diversity of stakeholders, including the citizen, the police the council, the local authority and the public transport organizations. Thanks to INSPIRE the solution is scalable to be used in the whole European Union.

The solution is build with open source components. Some new developed components are commit back to the community.

Conclusions and lessons learned will be shared.


Topic Area:  Integrating eGovernment with INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   use case INSPIRE eGovernment market development open source components

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