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The SDI Module foundation of development, coordination and governance Polish NSDI

Agnieszka Gruchała and Marcin Grudzień

(Submission #349)


Nowadays, access to current information is often more important than material assets. INSPIRE has opened the way to common access to spatial information. Spatial Data Infrastructure is the INSPIRE toolset. Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) consists of:

- datasets, services and metadata,

- standards, technologies and netted solutions,

- processes, procedures, resources,

- agreements. In practice SDI is a network of nodes established by entities that:

- share datasets in a standardized way,

- use datasets published in infrastructure. Coordination and development of infrastructure for spatial information in Poland is the task of The General Surveyor of Poland who created of tools supporting collection and publication of spatial data via services – SDI Module. The main task of the SDI Module is to store, manage and offer data and metadata that are at disposal of the Module user, with the use of standardized spatial data services. Public administration organizations can get the software free of charge by agreement. The SDI Module allows any owner of spatial datasets to offer standardized spatial data services, maintaining interoperability and standardizing access to the data for the other users. An entity using the SDI Module becomes part of the Spatial Data Infrastructure and thus gains access to spatial data resources. There is possibility of hosting SDI Module for public administration. In this way many entities can create SDI nodes and share datasets free of charge. Sharing SDI Module allows to development of Polish NSDI. Users from entities using the SDI Module can to take advantage of training courses. This allows to coordination common activities. Development and coordination are the way to better governance. The presentation will show the process from the idea of creating the SDI Module to using SDI Module for nearly 600 entities.


Topic Area:  [2.4] Regional cooperation: building SDI for better governance
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation


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