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EGDI Metadata Catalogue – the European Geological Data Hub

Dana Capova, Lucie Kondrova, Pavla Kramolisova, Olga Moravcova and Stepan Kafka

(Submission #351)


The EGDI Metadata Catalogue ( is the central access point to metadata concerning digital and structured geological data (spatial datasets or dataset series, spatial data services - WMS, WFS, and applications). In order to make the European geological data discoverable in the most efficient way, the catalogue is fully compliant with international standards and supports the distributed system of metadata administration. It is based on the MIcKA application system and provides tools for compilation or harvesting of metadata and allows users to effectively search through the database. The Metadata Catalogue is integrated into the EGDI Portal ( This integration allows the user both to display a metadata record for an on-line map service visible in the Portal, and to display geological data described in the metadata record. As of June 2016 the Catalogue contains almost 2000 metadata records, mostly harvested from national metadata catalogues of 19 European geological surveys and 15 recent or already finished European projects (OneGeology-Europe, Minerals4EU etc.). It is intended to be a repository for metadata created by the future relevant European geoscientific projects, and for metadata describing the most important national datasets and services extending INSPIRE geoscientific themes (particularly geology, mineral resources, soil and natural risk zones). In addition, it should serve as the information resource for other scientific domains and global activities such as EPOS, GEOSS etc.


Topic Area:  [2.1] Transnational SDI projects
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   EGDI, geology, metadata

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