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Governance and performance of open spatial data policies in the context of INSPIRE: understanding the need for alignment.

Glenn Vancauwenberghe and Bastiaan van Loenen

(Submission #368)


Many European countries are setting up initiatives and taking actions to make their data ‘open’, i.e. to make data freely available for use and re-use without restrictions. While an important driving force for organizations to open their spatial data comes from the Digital Agenda of the European Commission, together with the Directive on public sector re-use and the Directive establishing an infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE), each country and accordingly each public organization still approaches and implements open spatial data in a rather unique way. This especially applies to the governance models being utilized for managing the relationships and dependencies between all involved actors, units and organizations. Due to the lack of research on the governance of open spatial data policies, it still remains difficult to understand the impact of implemented governance models on the performance of open spatial data initiatives. The presentation will provide an analysis of how European member states are dealing with both the governance of their open spatial data policies and the monitoring and assessing the performance of these policies. Particular attention will be paid to the alignment of open data policies and spatial data policies in European countries. With the entrance into force of the INSPIRE Directive, every country in Europe started with the development of a national spatial information infrastructure according to the principles, rules and guidelines of INSPIRE. Whereas in some countries this development has been strongly linked to national open data initiatives, in many other countries there was hardly any alignment with the policy on open data. So far little is known on how the alignment between INSPIRE and open data policies has contributed to a more efficient and effective policy on open spatial data. The presentation also aims to assess the performance of current open spatial data policies in Europe. While in certain member states monitoring the performance and impact of spatial data policies is only done in the context of the official INSPIRE monitoring and reporting process, some member states go further, and have developed and implemented a more detailed and systematic monitoring framework. The presentation will critically evaluate current practices and experiences in monitoring the performance of spatial data policies, and explore how they fit into existing models and frameworks for measuring the performance of – open – data policies in general.


Topic Area:  [2.4] INSPIRE + Open Data + COPERNICUS
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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